03 March 2010

The Cure for Traditional Wedding Day Blues...Just Add a Wedding Theme!

He proposed! You got the ring! Now your ready to start planning your wedding day! Your first thought..How can our wedding day be different? At the end of the night we want our guest  to say, "that was the best wedding EVER!". No worries your Wedding Stylista has the answer.......just add a Fabulous Theme to your wedding day! It is a great way to turn a traditional wedding into a not so-traditional experience.
There are a few rules to follow before you start planning.

1. Make sure the theme speaks to who you are as a couple. You and your honey enjoy going to wineries? Treat your guest to sample your favorite Merlot during a cocktail hour.  

2. Add a  touch of romance by recreating elements of your first date.  Remember that romantic moonlit walk on the beach.  Share the sand, shells and beach smells with your guest on your wedding day!

3.  Use wedding day decor and music to reflect places you traveled as a couple. You love traveling to Mexico? Instead of the traditional wedding music, have a Mariachi band play at the ceremony, or provide entertainment at the reception.

4. Include elements of your theme from beginning to end and everything in between! Love the movie Message in a Bottle? Send guest wedding invitations in a bottle! Want that old Hollywood feel? Roll out that red carpet with paparazzi flash! Feeling a little Island inspiration coming on? Give guest  a taste of Hawaii with macadamia nut cookies as favors!(YUMMY)

5. Don't STRESS!  This is a day of CELEBRATION and of LOVE! If planning all the details is stressing you, don't be afraid seek advice from a wedding professional to help add other WOW factors to your wedding day! You will be surprise what a good wedding planner  can do to meet your needs and budget!

Top 10 Wedding Themes

1.   Princess/Cinderella
2.   Winter Wonderland
3.   Beach or Hawaiian
4.   Old Hollywood
5.   Garden/Midnight Summers Dream
6.   Fairy Tale
7.  Tiffany
8.  Italian/Wine
9.  Princess/Cinderella
10.Favorite Color(P-Diddy, is not the only one who can have an All White Party!)

wishing you a beautiful and stress free wedding!