26 August 2011

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Not only do we coordinate, plan and design amazing weddings, we have some fun ideas for other social parties. Check out our suggestion for fun  Backyard Barbecue Decor !

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27 July 2011

California Sol Creations Celebrity Wedding: Ben Roethlisberger

Congrats to the NEW Mr. and Mrs. Roethlisberger!
After Ben and Ashley exchanged vows the couple celebrated at the Spirit of Pittsburgh with nearly 600 guest in 10 ballrooms and a convention hall. The details are still pending but the price-tag on the facility is said to cost over $100k! That's not including food , drinks entertainment and decor! The lockout ended just in time!
Lately, the budgets of celebrity weddings with the state of the economy has been in the spotlight . Singer Monica spent "A million dollars on her wedding dress".  Now everyone is speculating about the "BEN"jamins spent on the Roethlisberger wedding day! We love it! If you can afford it, then buy it! Go Big or Go to the Courthouse! After all, you only get married once.....well hopefully!
Psssst! We are loving the Floral Wall of Roses!
A new trend????? Yeah we going to vote for it "Floral Walls 2012!"
Here's to Your Wedding Day. The BEST PARTY EVER!


What Vera Says Wednesday: Please Sign Here

It's Wednesday and Vera,"Queen of Wedding Dreams" has more advice about a wedding day accessory that is often forgotten, "the guest book".  At the rehearsal or the day before the wedding make sure to give your guest book and other items to your wedding planner or appoint one of your bridesmaids with a checklist and the responsibility to make sure all of your personal items make the trip. For more of Vera's advice on all things wedding and more check out the blog at verawang.com!

What Vera says............

At our wedding, despite my best attempts, some details fell through the cracks. One of them was our guest book. While videos and photographs convey a sense of immediacy, handwritten notes are irreplaceable. We were disappointed the words we would have treasured were never recorded. For your wedding make sure the guest book is in a convenient and obvious location. Designate someone to have guests sign in and retrieve it after the ceremony, and if need be, the guest book can be displayed at the reception so guests can sign throughout the duration. Instead of a book, you may want to provide cards for guests to write a more personal message. – XO, Vera

What we say about guest books......

There are so many creative choices for guest books. No longer to are you stuck to the ole "book and feather pen" guest book, that usually ends up in a box collecting dust after the thank you cards have been mailed.  We love the ideas that keep you going back to read and re-read what guest said for years to come!
guest book: esty.com

One fun idea California Sol Creations Planners love is the "Time Capsule Guest Book " a guest book where guest leave messages, memories of the couple, predictions or little trinkets not to be open and read until your first anniversary or a future anniversary date.


Another decorative idea is the "Wedding Tree Guest Book"  where guest are invited to leave messages and keys to a happy marriage advice on a decorative tree!

Be creative, think outside the box  and incorporate your wedding day theme, or favorite things. A guest book can be a fun and easy wedding DIY project!


Some other suggestions to capture guest auto graph and wedding day wishes are:

Coffee table photo book
A book of quotes or poems
Favorite Wine or champagne bottle
A musical instrument
Hanging Art
River rocks or sea shells 
Over-sized Plates
Trading cards
Polaroid or photo booth pictures
Wooden bench or chair
Surf board or Skis
Engraved picture frames 
Rolodex cards

Do you have a unique idea for your guestbook? We love to hear about it! Share your ideas in the comment section!

Here's to Your Wedding the Best Party EVER!


22 July 2011

California Sol Creations: Bridal Haute Fridays

Every Friday we are bringing you Bridal HAUTE looks we ADORE! We found "Katharine"a sleek sexy wedding dress at White House, Black Market for only $348 (AH......WINNING!!!!) We paired it with a silk satin and crystal platform sandal by Jimmy Choo ($995) To inspire a BLACK TIE REQUIRED wedding day!

 DRESS:Wedding dress and jewelry by White House Black Market.com, SHOES and BAG: Jimmychoo.com, FLORALS: by Karen Tran florals.com

20 July 2011

What Vera Says Wednesday: Embrace the Unconventional!

Good Evening everyone ....."how you dewing" (a little Wendy Williams voice) It's Wednesday! Vera Day! And today Vera is speaking on what we at California Sol Creations are experts on the Unconventional, Nontraditional wedding day! For more of Vera-ism be sure to check out VeraWang.com

What Vera Says:

Have you chosen an unconventional venue for your wedding ceremony? If so, you may have more flexibility with seating and can introduce an element of design to the arrangement. Tents, country clubs, private homes or gardens and the like create the opportunity to arrange seats in clusters, at angles or in an unusual but relevant formation such as in a cross or in a circle. In all cases, small touches to the seating, such as decorative bowls and ribbons or custom seat cushions, can go a long way. One of my favorites: rose petals scattered across each seat to add visual charm and a light fragrance to the ceremony. -- XO, Vera

What We Say: 
 From ceremony to reception, take advantage of the flexibility and the WOW factor possibilities a non traditional venue can provide. We are experts at coordinating private homes, beaches and forest weddings. Changes in seating like using wood benches instead of  traditional chairs, low tables or very high tables create touches of unconventional fabulous. Here are a few unconventional touches for your wedding day!

1. Hold a whimsical "cocktail hour" before the ceremony complete with strolling tables
2. Mix it up the wedding day itinerary! Have a seated meal reception, and your wedding ceremony second. Keep the party going late into the evening with dessert, dancing and cocktails!
3. Share your first dance with your guest, invite everyone up to the dance floor for the first dance as man, wife and friends!

If you need help with want to here about more WOW factors for your wedding day, contact us for your complimentary consultation. 

Here's to Your Wedding The Best Party Ever!



18 July 2011

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13 July 2011

What Vera Says Wednesdays: Color Me My LOVE!

OH YEA!!! It is What Vera Says Wednesdays! Once again the Goddess of Wedding Gorgeous-alot-sity (we just made that word so don't both using spell check) has spoken about one of our favorite FAB details to see incorporated at weddings is..... COLOR (in a Oprah voice)! For more of Vera's tips be sure to check out Verawang.com/blog!

What Vera Says About Adding Color to Your Wedding Day.......
Do you feel daring enough to add color to your wedding theme? Color speaks to each of us differently, and not all brides wish to move away from the tradition of white. For those who do, recognize that color can be added through small details or as the wedding dress itself – the possibilities abound. Think of tones more than the specific colors. For example: sophisticated pales such as rose, celadon or sky blue are flattering; elegant neutrals such as gray, taupe or stone are subtle; and intense brights such as fuchsia and periwinkle are dramatic and diverting. In all cases, color speaks to your imagination and your individuality. -- XO, Vera

What We Say About Adding Color to Your Wedding.......
Adding color to your wedding day to create a WOW factor! We were totally in love with the vibrant colors worn by Royal Wedding guest! Create a customized and BOLD look using purples, reds, greens and gold for a fun Mardi Gras wedding day theme or a mixtures of deep and light shades of blues for a beach theme. Set the tone and mood with sexy black or romantic reds and girly pinks. Fusing small POPS of color in the details throughout your wedding can also make a big impact! When incorporating color into  your wedding day try to limit to 3 colors and a complimentary metal like gold, silver or copper! (And don't forget to incorporate your grooms favorite color for a true reflection of both your styles)

Need help putting together colors for your wedding day? Call for your complimentary design consultation! at info@californiasolcreations.com.

29 June 2011

What Vera Says Wednesdays: Oh the Hustle and Bustle of it All!

We absolutely LOVE all things Vera Wang here at California Sol Creations. She is our Queen of Wedding FABULOUS.  Be sure to check us out every Wednesday to see what amazing wedding advice Vera Wang has to share! Check out more of Vera's advice at VeraWang.com/blog

What VERA Says about Wedding Dress Bustles........

A train that is integrated into the design of your wedding dress must be bustled. A bustle is achieved by lifting up the fabric of the train and fastening it to the rest of the dress with delicate buttons, loops, hooks, eyes, or snaps – the bride can then move freely and comfortably among her guests. So you do not worry about the bustle coming undone, make sure the stitching of the fastenings is reinforced. I also recommend rehearsing the bustling process several times before your wedding day to avoid any last-minute challenges. Before you choose a wedding dress with an integrated train, take note that the bustle might add unwanted volume to your backside. -- XO, Vera

What California Sol Creations Says about Wedding Dress Bustles:

Depending on your style, length and your wedding dress fabric there are various types of bustles. Having your wedding dress bustled by an experienced seamstress can cost you anywhere from $200 and up. The right kind of bustle for your dress can add a WOW factor to the overall look of your dress, not to mention keep you from having a wedding dress malfunction when your on the dance floor. 

French bustles, Ballroom bustle, One point over and One point under bustle, Australian bustle, Side bustle
Here's to Your Wedding the Best Party Ever