10 December 2010

Sweetheart Tables

Photo credit: bed and breakfast.com
A Sweetheart table is a small table that is set up just for the bride and groom at the wedding reception. It gives the "just married couple" a few moments together just before the party begins.

Sweet heart tables give the bridal party a chance to sit with spouses or other family members, who were not in the ceremony.

photo credit : Designs by Hemingway.com

Create a circle of love at your wedding reception by placing your sweetheart table in the center of the room. Create a dramatic look by adding extra lighting, and textured linens, a that are different but compliment your guest tables and the room. 

Sweet heart table come in many different shapesand sizes, round, square and half moon, check with your venue to see what options are available.

Photo credit: California Sol Creations

 California Sol Creations love creating "out of the box" ideas to take your event from wow to WOW! Check back weekly for our budget friendly tips  to add a platinum look to your wedding day!

If you want to know how California Sol Creations can help you create a WOW factor for your event contact us at 909.694.8284 or contact via our website http://www.californiasolcreations.com


Because Your Wedding Style Should Never be Sacrificed Due to Budget.....


05 December 2010

Wedding Planning Holiday Sale

As the end of the year draws near, we really wanted to say Thank You to our favorite brides for the amazing year we’ve had at California Sol Creations.  And that’s why we decided to have this HUGE holiday sale, which offers our ultra-exclusive Sol Full of Love Full Planning and Wedding Décor Program (which we only accept 6 brides a year into) at 50% off the normal price of $2,000.

This program offers exclusive access to the Wedding Stylist Team, all our vendors, access to a private hotline, 1 hour consultation every week, personal consultations with our lead Wedding Stylist, exclusive wedding décor such as up to 10 LED lighting, twinkle lights, 8ft lighted backdrops, vases for bouquets,, candles and specialty linen for the head table and cake table décor, plus so much more… all this, and we completely coordinate every moment of your wedding day for only $1,000 .

This is the BIGGEST SALE we’ve EVER had. We’ve never been so generous with our prices before but we really want to thank everyone for making this, such a great year for us here at California Sol Creations!!

But you must act NOW…
This sale ENDS at midnight on January 31, 2011.

  Email  your name, phone number, and the package you would like to receive at half price.

Your options are:

• _Sol Full of Love- Full Wedding Day Planning and Exclusive Wedding Day Décor
{A $2,000 value} for and investment of $1,000

• _Sol Full of Attention–Partial Wedding Day Management and Exclusive Wedding Day Décor

{A $1,600 value} for an investment of $800

• _Sol Full of Attention– Wedding Day Management and Exclusive Wedding Day Décor

{A $1250 value} for an investment of $ 625

A small deposit of $300 is required by midnight on January 31, 2011! Email Us Today! or call us at 909-694-8284

Don’t let the opportunity to have a stress-free, dream-filled wedding day pass you by!!

Contact us now to choose your program! 

31 October 2010

How Much Will My Wedding Cost?

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30 July 2010

Best Engagement Story Contest

 Tell Us Your Engagement Story
We are looking for the Best Engagement Story! Submit your unique, romantic engagement story in 200 words or less along with a photo between August 1st and August 31st!  The winner will receive a Full Wedding Planning Program for FREE!  and will be featured on our blog for all to see!

Email your story and photo to: engaged@californiasolcreations.com

Here's to Wedding Planning with a Twist!


21 July 2010

We Are Loving Non Traditional Wedding Cakes!

Rice Crispy Wedding Cake by Flour Girl Cakes

Jello Wedding Cake
Jello for a WEDDING CAKE? Absolutely!! Not everyone is a fan of that sweet flavored batter that fat kid loves. Add a twist to this traditional wedding day treat and serve your your favorite dessert! Some non traditional treats we love are  the Crispy Creme Cake, Cup Cake towers, Rice Crispy Cake, Cheese Cake, Ice Cream Cake! YUMMY! What is your favorite wedding day treat?

29 June 2010

Non Traditional Wedding Tip "The Proposal"

It is  Non traditional  Wedding Tip Tuesday here at California Sol Creations! We are sharing  all the fabulous tips, and ideas to inspire an   unforgettable non traditional wedding experience! Or if you just want to add a twist  to your traditional wedding day! Check in with us on Tuesdays for the funkiest  ideas for non traditional wedding planning!

This weeks Tip: " The Proposal"
Don"t be afraid to go beyond the traditional  beach,or the restaurant  proposal. (Not that we don"t love these romantic proposals) but why not surprise your partner with a  proposal  that speaks to who you are, and the  activities you share as a fun-loving couple!

Let these few fun ideas inspire you to a proposal done your way!

The Sports Fan Proposal- Declare your love to the people of the world(or at least a stadium full of people) and POP the BIG question on the BIG screen between innings or quarters at your favorite sporting event! The  "Kiss Me" camera shot makes for a FAN-tastic "Marry Me" proposal!

The Alice in Wonderland Proposal- Take  your fiancee on a whimsical romantic maze that excites and awakens her senses.  Using a few of  her  favorite things from flowers(Smell Me) to the ring (Marry Me) lead her to a fairy tale of a proposal.

The EPIC Mini Movie Proposal - Create an EPIC mini  proposal movie that will have the independent film festival stand up and take notice! Use your technical talents  to POP the BIG question. Avatar will have nothing on you! As  you add your  own special FX using dating photos, favorite vacation photos, green screen antics, graphics and  music!

However  you decide to POP the question, your partner will appreciate your effort  and of course the size of the ring!

Grooms looking for fresh ideas to POP the question?
CSC is here to help you plan an unforgettable  proposal and amazing wedding that speaks to your personality and style! Contact us today! www.californiasolcreations.com

Next week  TIP # 2: The Engagement Party!

Here"s to wedding planning with a twist


22 June 2010

Escape from Wedding Planning Mountain

Summer weddings are in full swing! You have been distracted for months with centerpieces, invitations, guest list RSVP’s, cake icing flavors, and planning the perfect wedding day! It is so easy to get lost in a mountain of wedding plans and forget what the BIG DAY is really about. Take a few hours off from wedding planning madness and have a Pre-Wedding Date Break. Here are a few suggestions for some FUN dates.

 Picnic Lunch in the Park
Just BEE! Breath in some fresh air and enjoy nature

A Game of Miniature Golf
Nothing beats stress like taking a club and knocking a ball around!

Go for a Walk on the Beach
Waves, Sand and Moonlight what more needs to be said “Muy Romantico”
A Couples Massage
Get that wedding planning stress rubbed away! AHHHHhhhhhhh

Have a Nintendo Wii Bowling Tournament
A little competition can make for a SPICY evening....

Attend a Sporting Event
Blow off some STEAM yelling for your favorite TEAM! YEAH!

Sing Karaoke 
YES SING!! Remember the endearing but, horrible singing of Cameron Diaz in My Best Friend’s Wedding. You just had to love her for her courage! And the groom fell more in love with his awful singing Bride!

Whatever activity take some time before the wedding day to refocus and reconnect as a couple. Feeling overwhelmed and stress? Contact us for a complimentary consultation! We will be happy to discuss how we can  provide wedding day services to meet your needs. Let us do the work while you enjoy family and friends!

Here's to Wedding Planning with a Twist!


16 June 2010

Spider Man inspired Wedding

CSC was so excited to assist hip couple; Omar and Michelle create a nontraditional wedding day in Laguna Beach last weekend. The words used by the couple to describe their wedding day were simple, modern and clean in black, white and lime green.  The Best Man or I should say, "The Best Woman" was the groom’s sister! The engagement photo and awesome cake topper was inspired by the grooms favorite comic book character Spider Man! Instead of cake the couple opted to serve delicious red velvet cupcakes. Lighted ficus trees and candles created a simply romantic atmosphere during cocktail hour and dinner. Later in the evening after the Newlywed game and speeches, lime green up lighting gave Omar and Michelle the chic club atmosphere to get the party started! California Sol Creations, Sol Full of Attention Day of Coordination programs provided a worry free day for  Omar and Michelle, family and friends could dance the night away..

02 June 2010

Inspired by Sex And the City 2

I was so excited to catch sneak preview premier midnight show of Sex and the City 2 last Wednesday.  I love the sassy ladies and the view of New York City! I left the theater inspired by the fabulous fashions and the even more fabulous SHOES, but also by the message of LOVE.  I don’t want to give up to much of the movie (for those who didn’t see it yet, what have you been doing? hurry get to the theater!) but the most awesome message was communicated on an anniversary present. 
The words read………..Me and You, Just Us Two.  
 The meaning of those few words and the story line that went along with it (we will talk more when you see the movie) sent the biggest wave of love and romantic chills through me.  It got me to thinking about, relationships, marriage, and especially the wedding day! The wedding day is not about  parents or grandparents, (after all they had their day) not about what happened at the wedding you went to last week, or  even the cake (Well wait… let me think about that one??)  It’s ALL about the ME and YOU, Just Us Two.  A very special and unique TWO, choosing to publicly share with friends and family their commitment to love, honor and cherish each other. No couple is completely similar, so why should your wedding day fit into a one wedding day plan style fits all? Your wedding day should be a fusion of personality and style, a day reflecting the Me and You, Just Us Two! Incorporate his and hers favorite colors, a favorite movie, fairy tale, sports, or other funky theme. Go ahead, DREAM IT! Want to add a twist to the traditional wedding ceremony and reception? PLAN IT! Not sure how to convey your unique wedding day dreams into reality? CONTACT US!  A California Sol Creations Wedding Stylist would be happy to partner with you plan, design and manage an amazing wedding day for JUST YOU TWO!

21 May 2010

Summer Wedding Cocktail Treat

We love looking for ways to add a twist to the traditional wedding day. Ice out your cocktail hour, and treat summer wedding guest to adult popsicles during a cocktail hour! Throw a fabulous cocktail hour without busting your budget! Here is some of our favorite very adult frozen treats!

Frozen Tangerine Screwdriver

Makes 6 servings
Ingredients: 3 cups freshly squeezed orange juice
2 ounces tangerine flavored vodka
1/4 orange, segmented and diced into small pieces
Directions: 1. Combine orange juice and vodka in a bowl with a spout. Place one piece of orange chunk in the bottom of each popsicle mold.
2. Pour juice mixture into molds, filling three-fourths of the way. Place lids on molds and freeze at least 3 hours or until frozen.

Frozen Lime Rickey

Makes 6 servings
Ingredients: 3 cups freshly squeezed lime juice
2 ounces bitters
2 ounces simple syrup
Directions: 1. Combine lime juice, bitters and simple syrup in a bowl with a spout.
2. Pour juice mixture into molds, filling three-fourths of the way. Place lids on molds and freeze at least 3 hours or until frozen.

Frozen Cosmopolitan

Makes 6 servings
Ingredients: 3 cups cranberry juice
1/2 ounce triple sec
1 ounce cranberry flavored vodka
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
6 fresh cranberries
Directions: 1. Combine cranberry juice, triple sec, vodka and lime juice in a bowl with a spout. Place one cranberry in the bottom of each mold.
2. Pour juice mixture into molds, filling three-fourths of the way. Place lids on molds and freeze at least 3 hours or until frozen.

For more frozen cocktail treats visit She Knows Food & Receipes

Here's to Wedding Planning with a Twist!


17 April 2010

Save 40% off any Wedding Planning Program!

Whats the BUZZ: California Sol Creations is spring cleaning. Sign up for the Sol Full of Attention program between April 15th and April 30th and receive a 40% discount!(a $1000 value). Contact us today!

03 March 2010

The Cure for Traditional Wedding Day Blues...Just Add a Wedding Theme!

He proposed! You got the ring! Now your ready to start planning your wedding day! Your first thought..How can our wedding day be different? At the end of the night we want our guest  to say, "that was the best wedding EVER!". No worries your Wedding Stylista has the answer.......just add a Fabulous Theme to your wedding day! It is a great way to turn a traditional wedding into a not so-traditional experience.
There are a few rules to follow before you start planning.

1. Make sure the theme speaks to who you are as a couple. You and your honey enjoy going to wineries? Treat your guest to sample your favorite Merlot during a cocktail hour.  

2. Add a  touch of romance by recreating elements of your first date.  Remember that romantic moonlit walk on the beach.  Share the sand, shells and beach smells with your guest on your wedding day!

3.  Use wedding day decor and music to reflect places you traveled as a couple. You love traveling to Mexico? Instead of the traditional wedding music, have a Mariachi band play at the ceremony, or provide entertainment at the reception.

4. Include elements of your theme from beginning to end and everything in between! Love the movie Message in a Bottle? Send guest wedding invitations in a bottle! Want that old Hollywood feel? Roll out that red carpet with paparazzi flash! Feeling a little Island inspiration coming on? Give guest  a taste of Hawaii with macadamia nut cookies as favors!(YUMMY)

5. Don't STRESS!  This is a day of CELEBRATION and of LOVE! If planning all the details is stressing you, don't be afraid seek advice from a wedding professional to help add other WOW factors to your wedding day! You will be surprise what a good wedding planner  can do to meet your needs and budget!

Top 10 Wedding Themes

1.   Princess/Cinderella
2.   Winter Wonderland
3.   Beach or Hawaiian
4.   Old Hollywood
5.   Garden/Midnight Summers Dream
6.   Fairy Tale
7.  Tiffany
8.  Italian/Wine
9.  Princess/Cinderella
10.Favorite Color(P-Diddy, is not the only one who can have an All White Party!)

wishing you a beautiful and stress free wedding!

24 February 2010

Butterfly Lovers

 In the month of February love is in the air! Cupid is busy and hearts are aglow. As spring approaches the fragrant smell of flowers fill the air, the days are getting longer and butterflies are all a flutter! Butterflies traditionally symbolize growth, and new beginnings. What better way to symbolize your growing love and  new beginning as husband and wife by incorporating butterflies in your wedding.

23 February 2010

Something old, Something new, Something blue, Something BLING!

What girl doesn't love the sparkle of a DIAMOND! Give your wedding that Platinum sparkle and shine by adding BLING in many colors, shapes and sizes! Don't be afraid to add a WOW factor to your center-pieces, place cards, invitations, wedding cake or bridal bouquet. Kick up wedding tradition of SOMETHING BLUE, and add "I DO" BLING o tyour wedding shoe!